St. Anne's Anglican Catholic Church 2016 Rosary Leader Schedule


January 17 - Paula Coluzzi                                     

Intention:  for the sanctity of life, especially the unborn, elderly and disabled


February 21 - Gloria Jaskiewicz                                  

Intention:  to keep a holy Lent


March 20 - Wendy Slay

Intention:  for the repentance of all sinners and in grateful thanksgiving of Christ's sacrifice and mercy


April 17 - Bill Bolesworth                                                                   

Intention:  for the well-being of the Right Reverend William McClean, and an increase of clergy to serve our Lord Jesus Christ


May 15 - Paula Coluzzi

Intention:  the well-being of mothers


June 26 (4th Sunday) - Matt Jaskiewicz                                                                 

Intention:  the well-being of fathers


July 17 - Wendy Slay                                       

Intention:  for the United States of America and those serving in our armed forces


August 21 - Wendy Slay                                                                                

Intention:  the safety and well-being of children


September 18 - Paula Coluzzi                                                                     

Intention:  participants and leaders of Christian education


October 16 - Bill Bolesworth                       

Intention: the Anglican Catholic Church and its clergy


November 20 - Wendy Slay                                        

Intention: the faithful departed


December 11 (2nd Sunday) - Paula Coluzzi

Intention:  for the world to know the joy and peace of our Lord Jesus Christ


All are welcome to attend a Rosary recitation and/or lead one.